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Red Light

Red Light voirseries, Red Light serie streaming, Sylvia Steenhuyzen, 40 years old, prostitutes herself in the red light district of Antwerp for her companion and pimp Ingmar Karlson, whom she supports without any qualms in his licit and illicit affairs. Under the cover of a flourishing hostess bar, the Tropicana, he is in fact running a vast network of forced prostitution. One day, one of the young Romanian women he exploits is found dead in a brothel. Charged with the investigation with her teammate Sam, the inspector of the assault brigade Evi Vercruyssen, also mother of twins and in the middle of a couple crisis, organizes a raid at the Tropicana with the unit fighting against human trafficking. Sylvia is interrogated and released after refusing to collaborate with the police. The same evening, she meets a long-time client. Eric Savenije, a writer and philosopher who teaches in Antwerp, lives in Amsterdam with his wife Esther Vinkel, an opera singer and wealthy heiress, with whom they have been trying in vain for two years to have a child. A few hours later, she desperately tries to reach him to announce a tragic event…
The freedwomen
If the investigation and the meticulously documented world of prostitution between Belgium and the Netherlands are the backdrop, Red Light tells first of all the fleeting but decisive meeting of three women wounded by life, that their solidarity will help them to find themselves. Over the course of the episodes, they gain in thickness and complexity to compose three moving, and sometimes disturbing, figures of solitude and marginality, against the current of heroic clichés. The question of motherhood, whether desired, as in the case of Sylvia and Esther (Carice Van Houten and Halina Reijn), or on the contrary unbearable, as in the case of the youngest, Evi (Maaike Neuville), torments each of these prisoners who struggle, blindly, to free themselves from their illusions as well as from stifling love, family and social ties. Seasoned actresses turned storytellers who bring women’s characters to the forefront, Carice Van Houten and Halina Reijn co-write their first series with this edgy, harshly realistic thriller, carried by the deeply original trio they compose with their younger sister Maaike Neuville. Their compositions received a collective interpretation prize at the Canneseries festival, also awarded to Geert Van Rampelberg (Ingmar).
Trois femmes se retrouvent prises dans le monde de la traite d’êtres humains et de la prostitution lorsque le mari d’Esther disparaît soudainement. Venues de milieux complètement différents, ces femmes vont avoir besoin les unes des autres pour se sortir du piège dans lequel elles sont tombées.

Red Light

Années: 2020

Langues: Français (VF)

Qualités: HD

Pays: Belgique, Pays-Bas

Genre: Séries , Drame

Acteurs: Carice Van Houten, Geert Van Rampelberg, Halina Reijn, Koen De Bouw, Maaike Neuville

Realisateur: Carice van Houten, Frank Ketelaar, Halina Reijn

Lecteur série épisodes : (Player 1)